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Akshaya (Compact & simple Resume paerser for HR)

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     Akshaya is a resume parser for individuals or companies, needs an automation to filter the bulk CVs to find the best. Akshaya is a Compact & simple solution to all CV parsing process with fast and accuracy. The most common features in Akshaya are

1) CV Auto reading and Parsing
» Reading CV and finding the values we need such as "Name", "Telephone number" , "Address", and most important the "Skills" will be time consuming, chance of skipping the best candidate also more. Akshaya do all this in seconds. And not only, it will give you the duplicate entries as well. Do you want to analyze CV?, a single click is what needed / Full Folder reading (Compleate all your cvs in seconds) + buld registering

2) Search the Candidate
» Once the Candidate details are in your database finding the best will be more easy with Akshaya. Akshaya provides almost all criteria’s to search. Few are
» » All Personal details
» » Educational
» » Skill
» » Employment & positions
» » Created / Modified Dates
» » 5 Search results can be saved

3) Others
» Akshaya stores all your resource requirements from your manager or from different companies.
» » Read all types of documents (*.doc, *.docx, *.pdf, *.html, *.xml,*.txt)
» » Automatic Name, eMail, Mobile, Telephone, Date of Birth, Address, Image and all Skill recognition.*
» » If multiple values found on auto recognition, choice to select your own
» » If don't want to give all candidate details, create Duplicate CV for your clients.
» » Bulk registration for fast search
» » Drag & Drop facility to minimize typing
» » Skills / Keyword density.
» » Export selected candidates
» » Send email selected candidate list as Zip
» » Candidate's history for interviews.
» » Company wise interview history of the candidate.
» » We will transfer your current data for Free*.

Akshaya is a compact application for HRs in any company / Consultancies.
A single call or email will change your future in to Akshaya. In fact each company needs will be unique. And we are fully equipped with solutions to all your needs.

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